Frequently Asked Questions!

Q. Do I need a membership to stay at the Adelaide Hostel in San Francisco?
A. No. We are an independent hostel and NO membership is required. However, in order to be checked in you will need valid identification: a passport, valid driving license or state ID that must be from outside of the Bay Area. To reserve online a credit card will be required. We are a traveler's hostel, so please have proof of onward travel!

Q. Does the Adelaide Hostel have a minimum or maximum stay?
A. There is no minimum stay but there is a maximum stay of 14 nights at the Adelaide Hostel for all guests, though we do occasionally take longer term guests who are attending local schools or who are on certain visas (like J1 etc) - email us for details.

Q. Can I reserve a bottom or top bunk?
A. We cannot promise anybody a bottom/top bunk! We will do our best when you arrive, but the nature of hostel bookings means there are no guarantees on bed allocations.

Q. Do I need to bring a sleeping bag?
A. No. The Adelaide Hostel provides blankets, linens and pillows.

Q. Does the Adelaide hostel San Francisco have a kitchen?
A. YES. We have a large kitchen with 2 commercial stoves and large fridges to store your food in. The kitchen is open from 7am to 10pm daily. We also have a large dining room open 24 hours a day with a satellite television.

Q. Do you allow smoking at the Adelaide Hostel?
A. No. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the Adelaide Hostel. There are no smoking rooms, and common areas are also smoke free according to California State Laws. ALL rooms are non-smoking at the Adelaide Hostel San Francisco. This includes Electronic Vapor Devices!

Q. Does the Adelaide Hostel have a laundry room?
A. YES. We have a guest laundry open 24 hours and also provide FREE laundry detergent.

Q. Are there any age restrictions at the Hostel?
A. No! We have guests staying with us of all ages all the time. However, if you are under 18 you will need to be accompanied by an adult parent or a legal guardian.

Q. Do we provide FREE internet & computers?
A. YES. The Adelaide Hostel provides multiple computers with Internet access to all our guests. We also provide FREE wi-fi Internet for your own computers and laptops.

Q. Will my belongings be safe at the Adelaide?
A. YES. The Adelaide Hostel has lockers under beds (bring a padlock!) and a safe for our guests to store small valuable items if needed. We also have a FREE  luggage storage room.

Q. Do we provide FREE breakfast?
A. YES. The Adelaide Hostel provides FREE breakfast every morning between the hours of 7:00 a.m - 10:00 a.m. We provide the best free hostel breakfast in San Francisco which includes coffee, tea, orange juice, oatmeal, English muffins, bagels, toast, fresh fruit, and a selection of cream cheese, Nutella, and fruit preserves.

Q. Do we have parking available at the Adelaide?
A. Unfortunately parking is expensive in downtown San Francisco, most hotels and hostels don't have any free parking. Our receptionists always try to find the best prices locally, currently the cheapest parking downtown is around $25 overnight (Monday-Thursday), $30 overnight (Friday -Saturday). We cannot reserve parking, but have discount coupons at reception to get the discounted rate.

Q. Does the Adelaide Hostel provide a discounted shuttle service to the Airport?
A. We don't have our own shuttle, but if you book on our own website, AIRPORT EXPRESS lets you take a shuttle from our door to the Airport for $15. You can also catch a shuttle from SFO to our door for $15. See "Getting Here" for more details.